Amenities and Enhancements

Friends and supporters of the greenway have made possible a number of amenities to make the greenway experience a pleasure. Anyone interested in improving the greenway through tax deductible donations may do so by visiting the DONATE section of this website. The following are a few items that have been donated to improve the greenway (listed alphabetically):

  Greenway Playground

Benches – more than two dozen benches honoring individuals and family members are located all along the 4.2 miles of the greenway (pictured).


Bike Rack – For bikers who wish to make a stop at the Northway Plaza shopping area, a bike rack to secure bikes is provided at the entrance.

Born Learning Trail (pictured above) – the local United Way funded a series of learning games installed along the sidewalk of the playground adjacent to the pavilion.

Dog Bag Dispensers – As a courtesy to all greenway patrons, those with dogs who fail to use grassy areas, please utilize the “dog pot” bags, dispensed free at three locations along the greenway (pictured below).

Pictured: Pedestal describing education in Bradley County is one of five markers along the greenway

Pictured: Pedestal describing education in Bradley County is one of five markers along the greenway

Duck Feed Dispenser – for 25 cents, duck food is dispensed for our feathered friends who hang out by the dozens in this area of the greenway, located just off 17th Street.

Historic Markers – a number of four-foot high markers tell the history of the area, including the city and county namesakes. A 14-foot high tree carving near Willow Street interprets the story of the Mouse Creek Indians, native Americans who inhabited this area prior to settlement.

Information Kiosk – located in Greenway Park, this four-sided structure features panels about local and regional wildlife and one panel for information about the Greenway and posting of community events.

Lighting – unlike many greenways located in cities across the nation, the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway is fully lit 24/7 for 4.2 miles.

Memorial Plazas – three small memorial plazas with benches offer respite along the greenway and are dedicated to honoring loved ones.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment – located between Tinsley Park and Raider Field are 17 outdoor exercise stations designed for a variety of adult exercises.

Public Art – The Greenway Public Arts Committee (GPAC) supervises a program of placing art of the greenway. Two permanent pieces are a mural under the 20th Street bridge (pictured) and “Sitting Tall,” a larger than life yellow chair suitable for family photos. GPAC plans a number of additions in the future.

Water Fountains – Local charitable organizations have funded several water stations along the greenway including one for pets located between 20th and 25th Streets.

Pictured: Public art mural under 20th Street Bridge

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