The Greenway Network is a group of paths located in Bradley County for the purpose of providing safe and accessible options for casual and recreational walking. Each of the Network locations meet minimal qualifications, which include public access and parking and a solid designated walking surface of at least one-fifth mile in length which is free from vehicular traffic. Some of the areas also include picnic or recreational areas, distance markers and public restrooms. Amenities at each location are designated by ( ).

Shimmels Park at Lee University is one of the 18 locations in the Greenway network.

Church of God Prayer Plaza – .29 mile (restroom)
Adjacent to the greenway on the Church of God campus, Keith and 25th Streets.

Fletcher Park – 2 miles (restroom)
Tennessee Nursery Road, half mile north off Harrison Pike

Lee University Schimmels Park – .49 mile (picnic area)
20th and Parker Streets on the Lee campus

Westwood Baptist Church – .40 mile (pavilion)
Entrance behind church on Villa Drive, quarter mile off Georgetown Road

YMCA Track – .57 mile
Corner of Stuart Road and Urbane Road

Ashley Smith Nature Center – .60 mile
Behind Cleveland Middle School campus, Georgetown Road

Denning Center – .20 mile
Central Ave., between Oak and Spring Streets

The following Bradley County Schools are members of the Greenway Network, with tracks open for use by the public:

Black Fox Elementary                                    .30 mile             FOX T.R.O.T
Hopewell Elementary                                    .20 mile             Tiger Trot
Lake Forest Middle School                           .25 mile             (upper track) .40 mile (lower track)

Michigan Ave. Elementary                           .10 mile             
North Lee Elementary  
                                 .19 mile             Ram Run
Oak Grove Elementary                                  .33 mile             Freedom Trail
Park View Elementary                                   .20 mile             The Knight Walk
Prospect Elementary                                      .20 mile             Prospect Parkway
Taylor Elementary                                          .25 mile             “Tiger Track”
Valley View Elementary                                 .28 mile             The Magic Mile
Walker Valley High School                            .36 mile              Mustang Trail
Waterville Elementary                                   .25 mile              Cherokee Fitness Trail

Greenway Connectors

In addition to the Greenway Network there are connectors or “spurs,” paths that connect directly or indirectly from the primary greenway:

20th Street Spur

A half-mile greenway connects at 20th Street near Lee University’s Schimmels Park. It goes north behind the Lee University/Ocoee Middle School outdoor track complex, crosses Fillauer Branch and connects with The Retreat at Spring Creek townhomes. The connector continues under 25th Street and emerges at the future site of the Bradley County Veteran’s Park. Future plans are for a connection to Elm Drive, following the path of Fillauer Branch. Additional future plans call for the spur to become a connector that will meet up with the Casteel Connector at North Ocoee Street and Ocoee Crossing.

“Back Nine” Greenway

This 1.1-mile greenway re-traces cart paths of the former Rolling Hills Golf Course, located between Freewill Road and Candies Lane. It will eventually join with and become a “spur” off the Candies Creek Greenway, currently under development.

Downtown Greenway Connector

Proceed east (left) on the sidewalk from the Willow Street portal of the greenway. Follow sidewalk, turning north (left) on Harle Ave. Take Harle, turning east (right) onto Centenary Ave. Take Centenary to Ocoee Street. Turn south (right) on Ocoee to downtown. At the Monument split, proceed along Broad St. until reaching the corner of Inman and Broad. Turn east (left) crossing Broad and go one block to Ocoee Street, turning north (left). Proceed on Ocoee past the courthouse plaza to Central Ave. Cross Ocoee Street going east (right) on Central to Church Street. Cross Church to Parker Street. Turn north (left) on Parker through Lee University campus. Proceed on Parker, crossing Parker at (right) at the Humanities Center. Proceed north (left) on the east side of Parker to Schimmels Park. Enter Schimmels at the north entrance and circle back to emerge from Schimmels trail through the covered passage at the Leonard Center. Head south (left) on Parker to the corner of Parker and 15th/Billy Graham Ave. Turn west (right) on Billy Graham to Ocoee Street. Head south on the west side of Ocoee back downtown to Central Ave. Turn west (right) on Central, crossing Ocoee and Broad Streets. Turn north (right) on Broad to 8th Street. Turn west (left) and stay on 8th until Harle Ave. on the right. Turn north (right) onto Harle and proceed to Willow Street. Turn west (left) onto Willow and re-enter the Greenway at the Willow Street portal on the right.

Casteel Connector

A $496,000 TDOT grant awarded in 2013 funded construction of a greenway connector which begins at the corner of North Ocoee Street and Ocoee Crossing, proceeds north toward Keith Street behind Logan’s Steak House, passes under Keith Street to Tinsley Park, snakes around the ballfields and connects with the current greenway at the Mouse Creek pedestrian underpass.

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