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The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway is maintained on a day-to-day basis by the City of Cleveland parks and Recreation Department. A Greenway Board was established in 2004 to identify, plan and strategize for the future and serve as an advisory group to local leadership.
The board consists of ten (10) representatives from the following entities:

Bradley County:
Mayor Gary Davis or his designate (Lindsay Hathcock)
Bradley County Commission Rep.: Milan Blake
Bradley County Commission Appointee: Jill Barrett (secretary)
Bradley County Commission Appointee: Tim Rader

City of Cleveland:
Mayor Kevin Brooks or his designate (Corey Divel)
City Council Rep.: Bill Estes (vice-chairman)
City Council Appointee: Annie Robbins
City Council Appointee: Pat Stone
Cleveland Utilities Appointee: Marshall Stinnett
Chamber of Commerce Appointee: Cameron Fisher (chairman)

Pictured Below: The Greenway Public Arts Committee (GPAC) facilitates placement of public art on the greenway

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