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Buy modafinil uk reddit, Where can you buy modafinil uk

The following is a timeline of events that have brought the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway where it is today:

September 2015 – Flag Plaza installed at Greenway Park

June 2015 – The Stage at Greenway Park completed and inaugural concert takes place

April 2015 – Construction begins on fourth restroom south of 25th Street

January 2015 – City Council approves park at Raider Drive to be named Greenway Park

November 2014 – “Sitting Tall” sculpture permanently installed

October 2014 – Land off of Raider Drive donated to City of Cleveland

July 2014 – Friends of the Greenway formally established

May 2014 – Pavilion construction completed

November 2013 – .2 mile northward extension of greenway dedicated near Mohawk Drive

October 2013 – Restroom at Raider Drive Park opened

July 2013 – $495,978 grant received from TDOT for Ocoee Connector

June 2013 – Construction begins on .2 mile Mohawk Extension
April 2013 – “Chalk The Walk” is first event of Greenway Public Arts Committee (GPAC)
September 24, 2012 – Phase Five ribbon-cutting
July, 2012 – First piece of public art installed

May, 2012 – Phase V is completed

November 9, 2011 – 10th anniversary celebration; donor marker unveiled
November 3, 2011 – pedestrian bridge placed on Phase V
October 2011 – First decade of greenway; celebration banners placed
August 23, 2011 – Fillauer Branch greenway spur opened
July 2011 – Section of greenway designated “Urban Wildlife Habitat”
June 15, 2011 – Groundbreaking for Phase V
May 2011 – First historic marker installed
March 2011 – First water fountain installed
February 2011 -First restroom facility opens
December 14, 2010 – Ribbon cutting ceremony held for Phase 4
November 12, 2010 – Pedestrian bridge placed over Mouse Creek at Phase 4
September, 2010 – Construction begins on restroom facility at Harris Circle trailhead
August, 2010 – Phase IV, Part B construction completed to Mouse Creek bridge
November, 2009 – Playground dedicated near Raider Drive
October, 2009 – $50,000 grant received for pedestrian bridge from Healthy Community Initiative
July, 2000 -Phase IV, Part B construction begins
February, 2009 – Phase IV, Part A completed under Paul Huff south.
September 2008 – Work begins on Phase IV, Part A connecting the Home Depot section, south
August 20, 2008 – check accepted from governor’s office for $569,000 for Phase V
July, 2008 – $123,000 grant received for portion of Phase IV from Bradley Healthy Community Initiative
May 15, 2008 – Ribbon-cutting for Phase II
December, 2007 – Applied for Phase V funding
August 8, 2007 – Official groundbreaking for Phase III
March 4, 2007 – Greenway Network established
October 3, 2006 – Construction begins on Mimosa/ Mouse Creek bridge replacement
August 9, 2006 – $495,987 TDOT grant received to complete Phase III
August 1, 2006 – $50,000 HCI grant received for portion between Mouse Creek and Paul Huff
June 18, 2006 – Rotary Club dedicates Centennial project at Willow Street entrance
April 3, 2006 – Official Opening of downtown Greenway connector
August 3, 2005 – Ribbon-cutting and grand opening for Phase II
July 21, 2005 – Dedication of Harlen Painter trailhead on Harris Circle
Spring, 2005 –Work begins on Phase II
October 26, 2004 – Applied for Phase III Funding
Summer 2004 – Formation and appointment of the Greenway Board
October 2001 – Completion of Phase I. Greenway officially opens 

April 2001 – $678,720 TDOT grant awarded for Phase II
February 24, 2000 – Grant awarded to purchase Willow Street property
June 29, 1999 – Applied for grant on Phase II 
June 30, 1998 – Awarded $48,000 TDEC grant for Phase I
April 1, 1998 – Applied for grant on Phase I.
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