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Mohawk Trailhead accommodates up to 20 vehicles

Length of popular sections of the Greenway:

Mohawk Drive to Tinsley Park – 1.0 miles (Trailhead to skate park)

Tinsley Park to Raider Drive – 1.2 miles

Raider Drive to 25th Street – 0.80 mile

25th Street to Willow Street – 0.76 mile

Mohawk Drive to Willow Street – 3.94 miles

Directions to trailheads/parking areas:

Mohawk Drive Trailhead – From I-75, take exit 27 and head east approximately one mile. Turn left onto Mouse Creek Road. Mohawk Drive is the first road to the right. Take it for 1/10 mile to the trailhead on the right.

Tinsley Park – From I-75, take exit 27 and head east to Mouse Creek Road. Turn right onto Mouse Creek and take it to the intersection of Keith Street. Turn right onto Keith Street. Tinsley Park entrance is less than 1/10 mile on the right. Greenway access is at the back of the park.

Greenway Park – From I-75, take exit 25 and head east to the intersection of Peerless and 25th Streets. Turn left onto Peerless and head to Raider Drive. Turn right onto Raider. Greenway Park is on the right.

Harris Circle Trailhead -From I-75, take exit 25 and head east to the intersection of Keith and 25th Streets. After crossing Keith Street, take the first left onto Harris Circle. The trailhead entrance is approximately a half-mile on the left.

Church of God International Offices – From I-75, take exit 25 and head east to the intersection of Keith and 25th Streets. After crossing Keith Street, take the first right onto Harris Circle. Greenway access is available at the end of the parking lots of either of the two buildings on the right.

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