The Cleveland / Bradley County Greenway began as a vision of a few citizens intent on improving the quality of life in our community. From the beginning, our local government leaders supported the concept of a linear park weaving through Cleveland and Bradley County, Tennessee.

Greenways are corridors of land recognized for their ability to connect people and places together. These ribbons of open space are located within linear corridors that are either natural, such as rivers and streams, or manmade, such as abandoned railroad beds and utility corridors.

Greenway trails can be paved or unpaved, and can be designed to accommodate a variety of trail users, including bicyclists, walkers, hikers, runners, skaters, and those confined to wheelchairs. 

The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway is a linear corridor along Mouse Creek, asphalt and concrete, and is envisioned to eventually stretch from the Village Green Town Center to the Hiwassee River in Charleston.

Today, 4.2 miles of the greenway are complete between just north of Mohawk Drive and Willow Street. Highlights of the greenway include five designated parking areas, five pedestrian bridges that cross Mouse Creek, four street underpasses, four restrooms and two playgrounds. There are also numerous amenities, including benches, water fountains, historic markers, and outdoor art.

Greenway Park is located adjacent to the Greenway on Raider Drive and contains an outdoor stage, pavilion, playground, and restrooms.

The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway is supervised by a board with appointments from the City, County and Cleveland Utilities and is administered through the office of Cleveland Parks and Recreation. For more information, please contact us by email at info@cbcgreenway.com or visit the Facebook page at The Greenway.

CBC Greenway 10th Anniversary Video from Alex Sturgill on Vimeo.

The Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway was funded and built in “phases:”

Phase I was completed in 2002 between 20th and 25th Streets along Mouse Creek and is approximately one-quarter mile. Funding came from a local Parks & Recreation grant with matching funds from the City and County. Bank of Cleveland and Bowater made significant contributions to this phase, and the Church of God International Offices gave a gift-in-kind of land fronting Keith Street.
Phase II originates at the 25th Street underpass and snakes from 25th Street to Raider Drive. It was dedicated on August 3, 2005. It includes a trailhead/parking area and restroom at Harris Circle and is approximately three-fourths of a mile long. If features a foot-bridge at Northway Plaza, an underpass under Keith Street and Greenway Park at Raider Drive. Funding for Phase II was provided by a TDOT Enhancement Grant and the City of Cleveland.
Phase III was also funded with a TDOT Enhancement Grant and other donors along the way. It originates at a 20th Street underpass, through another underpass at 17th Street and terminates at Willow. Highlights include a footbridge between 17th and Willow, a small picnic area, access from Stuart Road, two historic markers and a columned entrance at the Willow Street gateway. It was dedicated on May 15, 2008. 
A sidewalk connector from Willow Street to Highland Avenue at 8th Street was included in this phase to link the greenway to Arnold School and the downtown sidewalk system.
Phase IV of the Greenway connected to a quarter mile section on the north side of Paul Huff Parkway, a section which was completed in the mid-2000s. On the south side of Paul Huff, the greenway continues to the perimeter of E.L. Ross School property, to the west side of Mouse Creek to connect with a passage under the Mouse Creek Road bridge. The greenway crosses Mouse Creek via a pedestrian bridge where it connects with Tinsley Park.
Phase V connected Phase III, which ends at Raider Drive, and Phase IV where the pedestrian bridge crosses to Tinsley Park. An underpass at Raider takes the path north behind Cleveland High School stadium. It crosses Mouse Creek near the end of the school property and connects with the Tinsley Park trail. The trail also has connecting sidewalks to the retail plaza on William Way and Northwood subdivision.
Phase VI will begin at the southern end of Phase III at Willow Street, cross the street, proceeding along the banks of Mouse Creek. A small pedestrian bridge crossing a branch of Mouse Creek will take the greenway to its southern terminus at the corner on Inman and Keith streets (completion of Phase VI is undetermined.)


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